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Hi! I'm Megan, a photographer based in the beautiful region of New England. I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique moments that unfold during life's most treasured events. From the anticipation and excitement of engagements to the intimate bond between couples at the alter, I am passionate about capturing every detail and emotion of those experiences. My love affair with photography began at a young age when I was gifted my first digital camera. From then on, my passion for photography served as a guiding light that eventually led me to pursue it professionally. I would be deeply honored and grateful to be chosen to immortalize the beauty and magic of your most precious moments.

always ready to capture the moment

I'm so freaking excited you're here!!!

As an empathic person, sometimes I feel like a human antenna picking up on the emotional signals of those around me. This allows me to offer support and understanding to those who need it. I take immense pleasure in bringing joy and happiness to the lives of others. Seeing others flourish is truly one of the most gratifying experiences life can offer.

i'm an empath

I approach my work with a deep sense of dedication and commitment. From a young age, I've possessed an unwavering drive to achieve the standards that I set for myself, and this has remained a constant throughout my life. As a result, I take great pride in delivering high-quality work and completing tasks to the best of my ability.

I'm a capricorn

drive with the windows down, hair everywhere as I crank up the volume on my latest musical obsession (which is subject to change on a whim, I might add). It's a simple pleasure, but one that I enjoy every chance I get.

I love to...

It's the thrill of exploring someplace completely new that makes travel such a huge part of who I am. The opportunity to broaden my horizons and experience diverse cultures is so importance to me, and I take every chance I can to embark on new adventures.

travel is my passion

Everything in life unfolds for a purpose. People come into our lives for a reason, even if only for a fleeting moment. Sometimes, individuals are meant to serve as stepping stones, guiding us along until we cross paths with the person who is meant to be a permanent fixture in our lives. It's a beautiful notion that I find to be both comforting and empowering.

 what i believe

Eating dessert for dinner. Need I say more?

i fully support...

Tim is the unsung hero of Megan Lachance Photography and holds a special place in my heart as my favorite behind-the-scenes team member. In fact, he played a huge role in inspiring me to launch this business and gave me the push I needed to pursue my passion for photography. Among his many responsibilities, Tim keeps me on track, ensures that important emails are sent, and helps me pack up my equipment for every wedding. 

Marvel movie Buff, Avid sports Enthusiast, and my biggest fan.

my Husband

the doggiest cat I've ever met


She loves any and all human food (cheese and chicken are her absolute faves). At every single meal, we know she'll be right there begging for a taste. Sushi makes it known to everyone around, that her mealtime is approaching (usually about 3 hours ahead of time). She is the best snuggler and loves to make biscuits in our laps, She's also an escape artist...if any door in the house has a handle, she can open it!

the softest cat you'll ever know


She is definitely more reserved than Sushi, but once she trusts you, expect endless amounts of leg rubs and purring. One of her secret abilities? She plays fetch... better than most dogs! One of her favorite activities is playing rough with her Dad (Mom isn't supportive of this as much), and she cannot resist snacking on our assortment of houseplants. Most day's you can find her following the sun around the house and taking long naps on her human's bed.

It's about you

I am committed to capturing your unique story in a way that truly reflects who you are. I have an eye for raw and candid moments and I will ensure that every one is captured with honesty, creativity, and playfulness. With me, you can rest assured that the other side of my lens will be a comfortable and enjoyable place to be. A place where you can truly let your personality shine. I'll work with you to make sure that every shot feels natural and captures the unique essence of who you are. So, let's celebrate you! Let's create images of treasured memories that will last a lifetime!

it's your story. You deserve to have it captured beautifully.

With me...

"I think our love can do anything we want it to."


"we fell in love, despite our differences..."

- The Notebook