Horton Woods | Katrielle & Aaron


There’s nothing I love more than golden hour sessions!! There’s something so magical about those golden rays that shoot from the sun. The beautiful halo that the light cases over you. It’s just so warm and welcoming. At the start of this session, it wasn’t looking like the sun was going to make its appearance but just as the end was nearing, the sun peeked out and it created the most magical backdrop.

Katrielle contacted me wanting professional photos of her and her boyfriend, Aaron. I was so ready to provide an unforgettable experience for them, so we got to planning out their perfect session. Katrielle wanted pictures in a grassy field, I instantly had the perfect spot in mind. We laughed together, played together and such a blast.

I can’t wait to see you both again and to meet your pups!


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  1. Sarah says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!! I agree about that golden light there’s nothing better!


"we fell in love, despite our differences..."

- The Notebook