Chicks Apple and Berry Farm | Amelia & Terrell


This session was nothing short of magical. Amelia came to me wanting an apple blossom shoot so we began to plan the most perfect session for them. These two have been coming to me for a few years now, and always manage to wow me with the ideas they have for each session. Amelia, being a photographer herself, asked a client of hers if we could borrow his truck for a few shots. You see that shot, 4th row down from this text?? That shot, believe it or not, was captured on the TOP of my Crosstrek. When the perfect shot is at stake, you do whatcha gotta do.

One thing that’s always been super special about these two, is that they always bring along their fur baby, Toto. Don’t be fooled by that adorable face….Toto has a pretty mean bark. His number one goal is protecting his people, but I managed to win over his little heart with some pieces of cheese taken from the charcuterie board haha. Toto is the absolute heart and center of these two, so we of course had to capture some single shots of just him.

I hope you enjoy going through this dreamy golden hour, apple orchard, and picnic couples session and feel some of the emotion and love that was captured through these images.


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"we fell in love, despite our differences..."

- The Notebook